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abril 29, 2012 § 2 comentarios

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When a football player misses a penalty or a golfer fluffs a putt, its is because they have become self-conscious. By thinking too hard, they lose the fluid physical grace required to succeed […]

Unthinking is the ability to apply years of learning at the crucial moment by removing your thinking self from the equation […] Thinking too much can kill not just physical performance but mental inpsiration […]

A fundamental paradox of human psychology is that thinking can be bad for us. When we follow our own thoughts too closely, we can loose our bearings, as our inner chatter drowns out common sense […]

To make good decisions in a complex world, […] you have to be skilled at ignoring information […]

Unthinking is not the same as ignorance; you can’t unthink if you haven’t already thought. […] The only reliable cure for overthinking seems to be enjoyment, something that both success and analysis can dull. Experienced athletes and artists often complain that they have lost touch with what made them love what they do in first place. Thinking about is a poor substitute.

Leslie, Ian. (2012). Non cogito, ergo sum. Intelligent Life Magazine, Mayo/junio 2012. Recuperado el 29 de Abril de 2012 de

Pueden leer el artículo completo en la edición digital de Intelligent Life para iPad o en el sitio web de la publicación.


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