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febrero 6, 2009 § Deja un comentario

Peter Paul Rubens - Three Graces © Google Earth.

Peter Paul Rubens - Three Graces © Google Earth.

When I read at Google Blogoscoped that “Google has teamed up with Spain’s Prado museum to bring super hi-res paintings to Google Earth” I was amazed.

Years ago, when I was living in Madrid, I usually visited El Prado at least twice a month. Here are several of my favorites paintings: Caravaggio’s “David & Goliath”, all the collection of Peter Paul Rubens and Tintoretto, Roger Rogier van der Weyden “The Descent from the Cross”, among others.

The Prado has become the first fine art gallery to provide access and made available it’s collection through the web. The most astounishing fact is that every art piece can be viewed at the incredible resolution of 14 megapixels. So, you can see fine details, details that you missed when you visited (or rushed) the museum.

Also, Google provide a 3D model of The Prado building, making you feel like in a true tour into the galleries.

Here is a list of the 14 masterpieces selected for the project:

The Crucifixion, Juan de Flandes
Gentleman with his Hand on his Breast, El Greco
The Family of Philip IV or Las Meninas, Velázquez
Jacob’s Dream, Ribera
The 3rd of May, Goya
The Annunciation, Fra Angelico
The Cardinal, Raphael
The Emperor Charles V at Mühlberg, Titian
The Immaculate Conception, Tiepolo
The Descent from the Cross, Rogier van der Weyden
The Garden of Earthly Delights, Hieronymous Bosch
The Three Graces, Rubens
Self-portrait, Dürer
Artemisia, Rembrandt

You can view these works on Google Maps or into Google Earth.


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